Pine Mountain Farms

Embracing the land God has allowed us and loving to live the farm life one day at a time


At Pine Mountain Farms, we are thankful that God has allowed us the opportunity to steward such beautiful creations. We try to keep this focus through each step we take on this journey and seek His face in each decision we make. We fail miserably sometimes but we know that He has never failed us.


We believe the agricultural lifestyle provides the best setting for developing character, integrity, and the strong relationships necessary in today’s world. It is in this environment we have chosen to raise and grow our family. We have also developed a strong network of friends through this lifestyle that we consider family.


There is something about watching the sunrise over the barn that never gets old. We are blessed to be able to manage these creatures and we take that responsibility seriously. At our farm, you can always be sure to find a flock of chickens, a herd of cows and a few horse friends. Occasionally, we also have passing through various other stock, including goats and pigs. Some of our favorites breeds include: large fowl English Lavender Orpington chickens, American Quarter Horses. and the American Black Hereford.